What Is Entertaiment?


Any activity that gives pleasure to an audience

Pleasure is an interesting cultural phenomenon that has multiple forms. Different types of pleasure are correlated with specific audience behaviors, such as gender, class, and genre. In addition, pleasure is heightened when a performer or audience offers value, which can be achieved in several ways. For example, a performer can provide value to the audience through humor or audience participation.

Style of performers

Entertainment is a form of art, and performers often play roles with a high level of skill and artistic expression. This includes theatre, music, and drama. The masques performed by the royal courts of Europe in the middle ages were a form of entertainment that involved dancing and singing. In modern times, opera is another form of entertainment that involves a great deal of acting and musical and dramatic skill. This art form also requires collaboration and production expertise. When performers create an entertaining performance, the audience expresses their appreciation with applause. However, if the performance is a failure, the audience can be brutally honest in its criticism.