Types of News Coverage


Human interest stories

Human interest stories are an important form of news coverage, as they provide context and depth to stories about everyday people and events. These stories help the audience connect with the subjects and can illuminate issues that affect society and marginal groups. In addition to providing an audience with a heightened awareness of a story, human interest stories can also spark emotions, such as anger and empathy.

Events that affect the economy

Economic events have a profound impact on the global economy. From natural disasters to political unrest, they can have either positive or negative effects. The first century of the 21st century has seen many different economic events. The crash of 1987, for example, was triggered by investor fear of a coronavirus spreading across the globe, which was expected to lead to a recession and a drop in oil prices.

Events that affect politics

Political beliefs and behaviors can be influenced by major events. The Great Depression was a major shock to the American public. It was one of several “shocks” that helped realign the political landscape. Other events, such as 9/11, can have a lasting effect on people’s political views and behaviors.

Events that affect religion

There are many types of events that affect religion. Some are positive and others are negative. They may involve religious and secular traditions. For example, one type of religious event may be a wedding. Other events may have less significance for a religion but still affect a person’s beliefs.

Events that affect the environment

Major events can affect the environment in various ways. These impacts can range from the use of resources to the reduction of biodiversity. They can also lead to floods or drought conditions. Furthermore, events can cause the spread of disease agents. The extent of an event’s impact on the environment will depend on the human population, herd immunity and other factors. Urbanization and regional migration may increase the risk of disease outbreaks and cause the degradation of ecological systems.